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Social Media Tools for Work & Self-Promotion

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This is a short blog discussing how businesses and business professionals can use social media tools for social networking and self-promotion. Nevertheless, whether you are a white-collared worker, a student, or entrepreneur; you may find this blog to be very useful.

Also, I must note that I have used a few articles posted on websites as references for specific information.

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Today’s Topic: Social Media Tools for Work & Self-Promotion


Let’s Talk About “Social Networking”…

Social networking has become a necessity for many professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners to promote their brands. Many people across the globe use Facebook or Twitter websites to promote businesses, products, or new campaigns. It has seemingly become heavily used among generations, young and mature. Other sites such as LinkedIn has allowed talented individuals to build professional relationships with former colleagues or future employers. That’s what social networking is all about. It’s about displaying your talents for the world to see and using tools and platforms to create a reputable brand.

It is important for everyone who thrives to be a professional business person to create a unique professional brand image that will market individual talents/expertise. Have you noticed how difficult it is to stand out in a crowd? Social networking allows you to display your hidden talents and grab the audience’s attention in a virtual way.


What are Social Media Tools? Why do businesses use them?

A social media tool is an online utility delivering social media functionality. One popular reason business professionals use social media is to network and communicate with other professionals virtually. As we all know, virtual work has become a large component for work remodeling in corporations. Using social media has broadened the professional community by sharing ideas, posts, articles, news, and personal information to market yourself or the company you work for.


Social Media Tools

If you are a business professional, you’ll definitely want to to use a social media platform such as LinkedIn to get your Personal Brand out there for other professionals to see. It can be a great way to find talent by head-hunting specialized workers or simply expand your professional network. Here’s some alternate advice: if you have a Facebook account, make sure you have proofread your status updates to avoid inappropriate reviews. For those who want to keep their Facebook profiles as a personal networking site, change your privacy settings.


10 Must Have Social Media Tools for Small Businesses

An Article By Ian Anderson Gray

1. Google Analytics


3. Buffer

4. Do Share

5. Feedly

6. MailChimp

7. LastPass

8. edocr

9. ManageFlitter



Try It Out

A business article posted on by Alyssa Gregory mentions several social networking sites that can be beneficial to business professionals. The sites that are worth visiting are:  Biznik,, Cofoundr, E.Factor, Ecademy, LinkedIn, PartnerUp, and PerfectBusiness; that’s just naming a few! There’s absolutely no harm in trying out one of these sites to market your personal brand. Besides, as the great Albert Einstein said, “A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.”

Happy Networking To All! Continue reading Social Media Tools for Work & Self-Promotion